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Fr. Pius Iwu

Brian Lachowsky

Church Secretary:
Vicki Ross


The purpose of the Church and Catholic education is to turn us into models of
Christ, thereby continuing the process of our transformation that began with our
baptism.  We experience this through the sacraments, especially the mass,
and through prayer. We have many opportunities to experience God’s grace,
but we must also cooperate in being open to his many gifts.  This can happen
most powerfully when we meet Christ in others.

Catholic education seeks to grow, in both students and teachers, the character
of Christ.  This character comes when we all develop a more personal,
prayerful, sacramental relationship with Christ, thereby enabling them to live
more fully in him, and vice versa.  Ideally, the Catholic school embodies Christ,
becoming a testament to the transforming power of God’s love.

Religious educations classes for grades 1-12 are held after mass on most
Sunday mornings during the school year.  Contact Director of Religious
Education Lexie Highfill at [(479) 264-4522] for more information.

Faith formation by committed parents is always important, but it is crucial to the
religious education of teenagers.  Moreover, teens who are committed to a
youth group are more likely to take a more personal approach to their faith.  
They will usually pray and read the bible more, share their faith with others and
later become involved with faith-based groups in college.

At St. Mary’s we endeavor to build the faith of teenagers through classes and
group activities.  All teens are invited to participate and adults are encouraged
to serve as models and mentors for them.  Preparation for the Sacrament of
Confirmation is part of this process.

Confirmation at St. Mary’s is a two-year process.  It begins with weekly classes
throughout the school year and culminates with its administration by the bishop
of the Diocese of Little Rock.

Contact Director of Religious Education Lexie Highfill at [(479) 264-4522] for
more information.

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the journey adults make
together in deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ and His living Body,
the Church. It is a period of spiritual formation, prayer and education. This
period prepares the adult for the Sacrament of Baptism.

Although organized classes are not necessarily a part of an RCIA program, St.
Mary’s holds weekly classes beginning each September.  Contact Deacon
Brian Lachowsky [(479) 209-4726] for more information

The following link will connect you to an informational page about RCIA on the
website of the Diocese of Little Rock.


Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a week-long program held each summer.  It is
designed to further the religious education of children in a fun and entertaining
way.  They often employ bible stories, songs, arts and crafts, skits and puppet
shows to inform children about Christianity, its meaning and its message.

St. Mary’s participates in VBS each year as a member of the Ozark-Altus Area
Council of Churches.  The classes are held at St. Mary’s in Lawrence Hall once
every four years.  Contact Vicki Ross [(479) 468-3848] for more information.

Saint Mary's Catholic Church, 5118 St. Mary's Lane, Altus, AR 72821; (479) 468-2585 (office)
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